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Editor at UMU SPY platform.

16 Jan 2019

DVCA/FA (fr. joseph sembatya). Became A Problem

A man Practising Dictatorship in Uganda Martyrs University. When the New DVCA/FA (fr. joseph sembatya) came in the postion mentioned, Alot of things had to come up and still alot had to change. one of them was not allowing some sports students not to sit for there sem 1 exams 2018,he acted like Naploen and unfortuntly he hasn't changed at whole upto now, This is like so after telling all sports student to first pay functional fee before they start eating food at campus, Pressuring them to pay functional fee. whereby he couldn't even fast inquire from the already existing members on how these students have been doing exam without paying immediatly. an issue which extreamly went to the extent of making students miss exams. therefore a plateform for students was required in order to discusse about such issues. hence UMU SPY. Although i know some adminstors might be praising him but we students we don't.

16 Jan 2019

Doctor Joseph Sekandi. A great man

Doctor Joseph Sekandi is the only person in UMU who has enabled the university to be recogonised in the entire world through sports. And for that case, he has been fighting always to make sure that all sports people feel at home while at UMU. but here is a point whereby the DVCA/FA wants to distroy the point just in one year. yet this sports project wasn't developed in one year. a lot happenned in the struggle of putting this university on top in terms of sports. and still this happenned when news papers spent a full week talking about UMU for winning the University Football League. Thanks a lot our great UMU saints, We still have hope in you guys don't lose it please just because of one person, we are always behind you in your struggle and we shall always keep on praying for you so that you can achive your goals in life. And this goes to the DVCA/FA."do you have kids?" if yes, i feel sorry for them!.because they might end up with the identical heart.



10 Jan 2019

Kigunddu Tonny. Sports Tuitor UMU.

Although he also comes up to be with his other own story concerning the way he handles sports girls and boys, he was one of the victims that the new DVCA/FA under minded during the process of fighting for the sports students to do exams. This came up when most of these students had failed to raise the money in that period that the DVCA/FA had forced them to get. so Mr.Tonny and the Dean of students had to go to the DVCA/FA office to ask him for a favour of allowing them to sit for the exams whereby they willbe able to pay when they get Money before they come back for the next semester. but all this was weastage of time because the so called Fr.Joseph Sembatya had refused. and this made alot of sports guys to miss exams that last year sem. but for sure let God have marcy on that " Fr."



16 Jan 2019

Dean Of Students. A true Parent

To speak out the truth, this lady is a true parent because she did whatever she could to make sure that some sports students sit for exams. and this happened because they came up with a solution of saying that ok, these who have paid some little money, can get the clearence cards. yet the DVCA/FA wanted them to pay Zero balance at that moment. the challenge came in the way that some of these sports students, came here when they had told them that they wont pay anything. and this was so much impacted in footballers (soccer plays). and therefore when things changed in the few years later, they where told to pay the amount of 250,000 every semester. that amount might look small to you i know, but for sure we come from different backgrounds therefore dont judge anyone if they tell you that they have failed to get that money. because first of whole, one was told he won't pay anything thats why he allowed to come and study.